The conference will be organized by the Society for Conservation GIS in Russia. This is an informal association of specialists from different cities and organizations using GIS and remote sensing technologies for nature conservation. The Society for Conservation GIS in Russia has three main focuses: support of the SCGIS scholarship competition, training in GIS and remote sensing, and organization of conferences. Our common goal is to create an active environmental GIS community in Russia.
Anna Komarova
GIS Unit of Greenpeace Russia. Coordinator of SCGIS in Russia. ArcGIS instructor, the author of the course on the use of GIS in nature protection
Questions on the idea of the conference, the program and everything related to content are to be addressed to me :) For me, the conference is an inspirational meeting of wonderful people, shining in the eyes of participants, new ideas and cooperation.
Anastasia Filippova
ROO "New ecological project"
This summer I attended the conference SCGIS International; I am inspired by the international community and confident that it is very important to develop the Society for Conservation GIS in Russia. Responsible for the most difficult and important part of the organization of the conference - the search for the venue and funding.
Ilona Zhuravleva
Head of GIS department of Greenpeace Russia, one of the authors-inspirers of the conference, ArcGIS instructor
Once I got acquainted with the international society for Conservation GIS, I realized that they are people from different countries, united by a common idea - geoinformation technologies for nature protection. After that, I really wanted to share this feeling of the community with specialists in Russia. The SCGIS conference is not quite standard - beside being able to talk about your projects and learn about others' projects in a new format, it's an opportunity to meet colleagues, learn something new and discuss those issues that are interesting to the participants. And most importantly, we form the community ourselves, it depends on us how it will be in Russia.
Evgenia Elkina
Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences
The conference of the Society for Conservation GIS and Greenpeace in 2013 became a powerful impulse in my development and study of GIS and remote sensing. I learned about the existence of the international SCGIS, and so far my colleagues (from Greenpeace and other environmental organizations) are my main source of inspiration. Now I work in the department of Satellite Monitoring SRI of RAS, where scientific and applied research of vegetative cover is conducted. I will be glad to share my experience with space imagery. My contribution to our conference is the organization of a webcast, so that those who could not come personally could join us.
An international organization that unites GIS specialists working in the field of nature protection and education. One of the main tasks of the organization is building GIS community, as well as training and supporting individuals and organizations using GIS and scientific approaches to protecting natural and cultural sites.
Greenpeace Russia is an independent international organization whose goal is to preserve nature and peace on the planet through changing the attitude of people to the natural resources of the Earth. Greenpeace is guided by the principle of independence, including informational. Therefore, GIS technologies and remote sensing data in the organization's projects have been used regularly since the late 1990s, especially for forest protection and pollution monitoring.
- St. Petersburg public organization, the main objectives of which are to preserve valuable natural territories in the North-West region of the Russian Federation, as well as the formation and improvement of modern approaches in the field of environmental protection. The team of the organization considers GIS technologies one of the tools for achieving the set goals which is accessible to the general public and helping to improve mechanisms of public participation in environmental issues.
- the leading Russian university in the field of information and photon technology, one of the few Russian universities that received the status of a national research university in 2009. Researchers at ITMO University use all the capabilities of modern technologies for the development of both fundamental and applied scientific research. One of the focuses of the ITMO University is geoinformation systems and nature protection activity.
- an NGO working to strengthen the cooperation between experts in the field of ecology and climate from Russia, Germany and other European countries. The organization have been supporting activities aimed to solving urgent environmental problems in Russian regions since 2011.
- a commercial company that builds its business around open source software, open data and methodologies in the field of geoinformatics. The NextGIS team is represented by the best specialists in open GIS. The company's specialists began to develop open GIS in Russia and continue to actively promote them in this country and in the world as a whole.
a non-governmental and non-profit public organization that unites experts in higher education institutions, research, production, engineering, design, information and other organizations engaged in the development and application of geoinformation technologies in the territory of the former USSR.
The Federal State Budgetary Institution, the nature reserve started using GIS in everyday work in 1998, being the first in Russia.
Its specialists share experience with colleagues from other protected areas, conduct training seminars and help in creating geoinformation maps. They created the GIS of the region and adjacent territories and shared it in ARCREADER format with an institution for the management of forces and facilities for the prevention and liquidation of emergencies.
SOVZOND is a Russian integrator in the field of remote sensing and geoinformation technologies with international reputation, recognized leader in acquiring and leveraging geospatial data towards product creation and application development across several industries. Paying attention on expert and personalized approach SOVZOND provides tailored solutions to meet all project requirements in city and regional planning, land management, forestry, agriculture, oil and gas, mining, telecom, transportation and etc.
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