Representatives of non-profit public organizations and educational institutions involved in environmental projects, employees of PAs and all those interested in using GIS tools in nature protection are invited to participate. Also, we welcome members of SCGIS and those who have ever applied for participation in the Society for Conservation GIS fellowship program.


• The organizers do not reimburse participants' travel costs to the venue of the conference.
• Accommodation costs during the conference are not reimbursed and must be arranged by the participants themselves. Accommodation is possible in hotels (paid by participants themselves, organizers can provide a list of hotels nearby but do not arrange the accommodation) or at volunteers` places (free of charge).
• Coffee/tea will be arranged during breaks. As there are no funds for coffee breaks at all, we ask all participants to bring something with them :)
• Near the venue there is a cafe, where you can dine for a reasonable price at your own expense.
• Please prepare presentations and posters in English.
The conference is organized on a volunteer basis, therefore, the assistance of each member of the society is important!
How I can help:
Information support
You can place a banner, spread information about the conference among colleagues, social networks and other available information resources. If you have any suggestions, who should be invited to speak at the plenary session, please contact Anna Komarova.
Become a volunteer at registration
We need several assistants who will meet guests on the first day of the conference, register, issue badges and answer questions. On the first day you will need to arrive an hour earlier, by 9 am. We (the organizers), of course, will be there, but we will not be able to cope with everything ourselves. Join now! It's a great way to become a well-known person at the conference right away!
Help in organizing coffee breaks
Before each coffee break it will be necessary to put all the tea stuff, turn on the thermo-cords, and take care of the participants so that no one remains hungry during the process. We definitely need men! :) We hope that there will be enough volunteers so that the organizers of coffee breaks could shift. If everything goes well, we will also try to organize a simple dinner with the help of the multivariate.
Technical assistance on master classes and webcast
No master class will take place without technical assistants, webcast will not work, and those who participate in the remote format will not be able to ask a single question. And you have the opportunity to understand many technical details, to become the voice of dozens of participants simultaneously... And, of course, get priority on choosing sessions and master classes - even those where participation is limited :)
You can choose preferred area of volunteering at the time of registration.
Coordinators will contact you before the conference.
To participate in the conference it is necessary to register before September 30, 2017.

You also can participate in a remote format (which includes viewing the main sessions and the ability to ask questions in real time).
Even if you are not yet sure that you will participate in the conference - please leave an email address and we will remind you about the registration and share the news
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