30th of June, 2019
Registration deadline
Annotation & Form editing deadline
7th of July, 2019
Participation confirmation
Information on the form of your participation & report format
31st of July, 2019
Thesis deadline (for thesis to be published in DOI-indexed proceedings)
3d – 5th of October, 2019
Conference dates
30th of November, 2019
Publication of conference proceedings (theses)
This year we suggest the participants to present their reports in the format of open discussions (Open Cafe) and/or posters. We hope that the majority of the participants will prepare the reports as the Open Café is planned to be the core event of our Conference.

All the reports presented at the Conference will be included in the Conference abstracts publication. Pay attention to the deadline! Requirements regarding publications will be soon described at the conference site.

Please, provide the English translation to all demonstration materials you are going to use at the Conference: posters, presentations, handouts.

Detailed program will be published on our website after the registration close date.
Open Cafe
Open discussions
Several sites where the participants present their reports and discuss them with the audience will be organized at the Conference. Speakers are welcome to arrange the space provided and to lead the debates. They could show presentations, short videos, animations on laptop, use handouts or flipcharts etc. One report is supposed to take no more than half an hour. The participants could freely move around and joint the discussions they are interested in. There will be several Open Café sessions so each participant will have an opportunity to be a speaker and a listener during the Conference.
Traditional poster session
The reports could be also presented as a poster or a series of posters. The posters' format is not limited (from A2 to A0) as well as the number of the posters from one participant. But if you have more than two posters, please, inform the organizer's team so we could arrange enough space for each of the poster presentations. Posters are supposed to be placed during the first day of the Conference. In the second day a short half an hour session will be organized to let the participants ask questions.
Technical master classes given by the leading GIS experts are traditionally in the spotlight at the Society for Conservation GIS (SCGIS) conferences. Master classes let the participants get to know web-services and software most commonly used in the nature conservation projects. The list of the master classes with the short annotations will be posted on the website as we schedule the Conference.

Participants are supposed to have their own laptops with the software installed for the great part of the master classes; some special skills could be also required. The details are published on the website as we form the list of the master classes.
Our Conference is the place where the professionals meet to exchange experience and discuss urgent problems.

The participants are welcome to initiate discussions and to lead the round tables. It is possible to suggest a topic for the round table discussion till the very beginning of the Conference. Just make a note in the registration form or send email to the organizers' team. The participants are supposed to choose the topics they are interested in and join the discussions. Round tables are grouped if the topics are similar and several sessions are planned to be organized to give the hosts opportunity to take part in the discussions as well.
There is a special area at the Conference where the participants can exchange any printed materials that demonstrate the results of their nature conservation projects.

Please, send us pictures with your work results or field studies as we are working over a slideshow about the participants to be demonstrated during the breaks.

You are welcome to take video material with you, there is time in the evenings to show them to the Conference participants.
As the Conference is the volunteers' initiative, the participant's help and support is needed to make it successful.

See the options how to help the conference below.
Technical Support
To place the information about the Conference
You can publish the Conference banner, share the information about the Conference on the social media or other web-resources, inform your colleagues and friends. If you have ideas who should be invited to be a plenary session speaker, please, get in touch with Anna Komarova.
To provide technical support during the master classes and web-translation
There is no way to organize a master class or web-translation without technical support. Distant participants won't be able to ask questions if we are lack of technical support specialists during the Conference. So we invite you to join technical supporters' team. Besides universal respect and the other bonuses that gives you a priority right to participate in mater classes or round tables, even in those where the number of participants is limited ;)
To volunteer during the registration
Several assistants are needed to meet people during the first day of the Conference, register them, answer the questions and give badges. So you are supposed to be at the Conference at least one hour earlier than the others. The organizers will surely help you and explain the tasks but without volunteers the process will fail. Join! That's the easiest way to fit in at the Conference!
To help with the coffee-breaks
Before the coffee-breaks sweets and cakes should be places on the tables and boiler-heaters should be switched on. And – as the coffee-break begins someone has to keep order and to take care of the participants. We also plan to use multi-cookers to organize lunch for the Conference guests if there is such opportunity. Men are welcome to help with the boiler-heaters! We hope we will have enough volunteers to let them change each other.
Even if you are not yet sure that you will participate in the conference - please leave an email address and we will remind you about the registration and share the news
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