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Anna Komarova
Head of the Greenpeace Global Mapping Hub education program. Coordinator of the SCGIS in Russia. ArcGIS instructor, the author of the course "GIS for nature conservation"
The idea of the Conference, schedule and everything concerning the program is my responsibility. For me, the Conference is the inspiring meeting of the wonderful people, bright in the eyes of the participants, new ideas and collaboration.

Ilona Zhuravleva
Head of the GIS Unit, Greenpeace Russia, & Greenpeace Global Mapping Hub, ArcGIS instructor, one of the Conference masterminds.
Once I met the international society for conservation GIS and realized that all these people from different countries are united by one common idea – geo-informational technologies in nature conservation. After that I longed for sharing the feeling of fellowship with the Russian colleagues. The SCGIS Conference is not usual: besides the opportunity to tell about your own projects and knew about the other participants' projects in the new format, it's the opportunity to meet the fellow-thinkers, learn something new and discuss the issues that the participants' are interested in. The main thing is that's we who form the community and it's we who responsible for its future in Russia.
Maxim Ponomarev
Valdaisky National Park research assistant. Ecologist, specialist in environmental protection.
Specialist is someone who uses the right toolset where it's necessary. GIS is the right tool and the nature protected areas is the right place to apply GIS technologies. The SCGIS Conference 2019 is doomed to be interesting and fruitful.
Nadezhda Vladimirova
Deputy Director for scientific and research work in the Denezhkin Kamen Nature Reserve.
I have been working in GIS and remote sensing field for more than 15 years, my area of interests is mainly connected with the satellite images interpretation (especially for forestry) and GIS-analysis. I got to know about SCGIS last year, in Saint-Petersburg and to my mind it's one the most impressive and useful events for the GIS specialists in the field of nature conservation and for those who wants to be them. The unique format of the event includes not only the reports presentations, but the master classes, round tables and many other activities directed at living talk and trainings in all spheres of GIS and remote sensing applying in nature conservation. This year the Conference is placed in the beautiful place – Valdaisky National Park, so I would recommend not to miss it.
Alexander Prischepov
PhD, Associate Professor, University of Copenhagen, Department of Geosciences and Natural Resources Management. Senior Scientist, Steppe Institute of the Russian Academy of Science, Orenburg, Russia; Kazan State University, Kazan, Russia.
The Conference is not only the great opportunity to exchange the knowledge, but also to gain information about applying of the remote sensing methods in nature conservation and efficient land-use field. It's also the unique opportunity to transfer international experience. Friendly atmosphere, high level of the Conference organization and the participants' professionalism are especially impressive.
Eugenia Elkina
Engineer, Space research Institute of the Russian Academy of Science, laboratory of the satellite monitoring of terrestrial ecosystems
Thanks to the educational activities of the SCGIS in Russia I once met geographic information systems and I was impressed by their power in dealing with the Earth monitoring issues, including environmental issues. This meeting became a turning point; I started to learn remote sensing, GIS software and took many courses including SCGIS training in 2015. Now I am dealing with national vegetation monitoring system "VEGA" development in the Space research Institute of the Russian Academy of Science and would be glad to share the knowledge. I am always looking forward to the SCGIS Conferences. Neither of them looks like the previous but each of them is a bright, problem-orientated event that gathers true remote sensing professionals and enthusiasts. It's my pleasure to be a part of this community.
Anastasiya Philippova
Program manager, NeoEcoProject nature protection organization.
I am dealing with the development of the current approaches to nature conservation and studies in the North-West region of Russia, consult activists and nature conservation initiative groups and organizations, work as an expert in different public commissions and groups.
It's the second time when I am in the Conference organizers' team. Being a part of this team is my input into community development and the way to promote GIS-technologies for nature conservation in the North-West region, while the Conference itself is the source of the new ideas and inspiration to make them real.
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